Prices for Brooch Bouquets (estimated)

Please contact me for prices as I will suit your budget and create something just amazing for you– all the bouquets are simply gorgeous.  Most bouquets are made in the medium size.   The price is directly related to the amount of jewellery and work in the bouquet. A price will be  tailored to your request and may differ from the below estimates. No bouquet will leave here without looking truly beautiful no matter what the price. See bouquet picture examples at the bottom of this page with prices.

Satin/Lace/ roses/flowers/jewellery
Roses/flowers base less jewellery 
Full jewellery_luxury/no flowers
Hydrangea based with a good amount of jewellery

Just roses – no jewellery – with a few pearls - R680 

Complicated intricate flowers  with no jewellery approx. R900 

Pearl bouquets With or without jewellery  – R1650 to R3850

Flowergirl  bouquets and items can be reasonably  priced  - please discuss

Boutonniere/ corsages (jewellery  or flowers) R75-R275

Wrist corsage – depends on how intricate and content inserted - R75-R750

Hair pieces and  garters - please discuss intricacy and price as they differ from simple to jewelled.

Artificial silk flower bouquets of wedding quality – add cost of flowers plus other content placed in bouquet and construction.

If you have a flatter bouquet on top then the cost can be less (in other words fewer rows of base flowers or jewellery)

Certain items and color/brooch requests may affect cost.

Shipping Costs – South Africa – approximately R99.00  for 1 bouquet  and upwards for quantity and size – but our courier fees our reasonable.

* For an International shipping quote, please discuss.


 50% of the total original order cost is required before commencement of the bouquet... The 50% deposit is non- refundable.  If for any reason, the customer decides not to complete the purchase order, the deposit will not be refunded.  This is because I will have purchased all the content for the bouquet/s  and other items already.

The customer can gladly supply brooches and jewellery etc.  for the order. 

I will contact  you when the order is completed and you can see photos of the completed bouquet/s.  Payment in full is required to receive and courier your bouquet/s.  Please send proof of payment for deposit and final payment.  Should your order be a rush arrangement full payment at the time of order is better to save time for you to receive it.


See the Brooch Bouquets that I have at home for sale NOW - View at the end of the gallery pictures.  Each one is priced accordingly.  They are all  very special and unique with gorgeous jewellery and ready to go.

Prices for Brooch Bouquets